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<p>Duelyst is a tactical card game coming to mobile sometime in the next couple of months.</p><p>Launched initially on Steam, this free-to-play tactical combat/card game is a treat for the brain as well as the eyes. Advertised as the 'ultimate collectible tactics game', its mobile version has been eagerly awaited. With over 400 cards across six unique factions to collect and play, it's your goal to assemble the ultimate battle deck.</p><p>The average match lasts between five to ten minutes as you go head-to-head with your opponent, plotting out the best strategy to take them down. Play against those with equal skill and show your rivals who's boss in the monthly tournaments.</p><p>This pretty, pixel card game may not have a definite release date as of yet, but Duelyst's official twitter responded to a release question with 'ETA Q1 2017'. I guess we'll have to keep our eyes open before we can find out more.</p><p>@LoliNoKami ETA Q1 2017— Duelyst (@PlayDuelyst) January 1, 2017.

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