Vehicle Tracking System: An Overview to the Vehicle Tracking

A number of revolutionary inventions in the automotive industry and large-scale production of affordable automobiles led to a large number of vehicles along the roads. However, with the rise in the automobile production and consumption, automobile security concerns have conjointly raised. Apart from cost and quality measures, security and safety of a vehicle are also being considered of prime importance for its owner. People are now looking for a foolproof mechanism in their vehicles for growing car theft issues. However, having the knowledge of the vehicle's whereabouts increases its chances of retrieval by many folds even after being stolen. To keep the knowledge about all the happenings associated with the vehicle, equipping the vehicle with a vehicle tracking is a good idea. Vehicle tracking devices are invaluable tools for monitoring a single or even an entire fleet of vehicles.

How it works

Vehicle tracking is generally achieved through an installed tracking hardware which records the speed, location and the direction of the vehicle. The tracking data is sent back to the user and then transformed into useful information via various mapping software applications and reporting tools. This information can be utilized by the owner to view the vehicle movement and related information.


Based on the functionality, vehicle tracking systems are categorized as active and passive systems. A passive system does not provide the real-time information, but rather stores data like GPS location, speed and heading on the tracking unit. This data is fetched for evaluation once the vehicle returns to a preset location. Passive vehicle tracking is generally used to verify driver activity such as route verification, billing, etc. An active tracking system is used to track more than one vehicle through the internet in real-time. It also provides the same data, but transmit it in real-time through satellite or cellular networks to a computer or data center. Some tracking systems have both active and passive tracking facilities. A person should analyze his / her needs before deciding on a passive or active tracking.

The application areas

The vehicles are tracked commonly by commercial fleet operators to manage a fleet of vehicles and meet customer needs more efficiently. Fleet management functions such as dispatching, routing and security are accomplished by tracking vehicles. Urban transit agencies use this system for monitoring schedule of buses and for activating recorded announcements. The behavior of the driver can also be monitored by this system. Vehicle tracking is also used as a theft prevention and stolen vehicle recovery. It can serve as an addition or alternative for traditional car alarm. Through a tracking device, vehicles can also be tracked for monitoring the fuel and to calculate the distance traveled by the vehicle.

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Salvaging Yourself From Being Sold Salvage Vehicles

Imagine being sold a used car that was involved in a severe accident but has been sold to you with only the minimum amount of repairs required to make the car look presentable. It would not only cost you more than it should but it would also be highly dangerous for you to be unaware of the hidden damage incurred by the car.

Salvage title

A salvage title is issued by a state motor vehicle agency to indicate that a car may not be safe to drive owing to damage incurred in an accident, flood or fire.

In many states in the USA, a salvage title is issued when the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle is more than 75% of its original value.

Insurance companies may also determine if a vehicle has been 'totaled' and declare it to be a salvage vehicle. The criteria used by an insurance company to declare a car to be wrecked may vary from that used by a state motor vehicle agency.

In some cases, a salvage title can also indicate that a car was stolen.

Salvage title fraud

The buyer of a used car deserves to know if the car that they are buying has been issued a salvage title. This can help them to not only bargain for a fair price for the car but can also save them from running the risk of driving a damaged car on the road.

Unfortunately, some sellers may trick unwary buyers into buying a salvage vehicle without informing them of the same. In fact, there are several scams related to this kind of fraud such as title washing and car clipping.

Title washing

Title washing is the act of taking a salvage car to a state with lenient title laws compared to the original state and registering the damaged or stolen car in that state. Depending on the state's title laws, the vehicle title document may not indicate that it's a salvage vehicle.

Car clipping

Car clipping is the act of sawing two salvage cars apart and welding them to form a 'new' car that is then issued a vehicle title without mentioning the word 'salvage'.

Detecting salvage title fraud

Although salvage vehicles can be restored and driven in a way that's safe and legal, the buyer of a used car deserves to know if the car has a salvage title and if it has been repaired or not. If the car's been rebuilt, in which case it would have a 'rebuilt salvage title', it is essential to determine if the repairs were conducted by an experienced mechanic.

How to avoid salvage title fraud

When buying used cars, ask the seller to show you the vehicle title. The title document of a salvage vehicle would have the word salvaged, junked, reconditioned, totaled, rebuilt, or warranty returned on the document. Sometimes, a salvage title is printed on a different-colored paper than a regular vehicle title.

Examine the title document carefully to look for signs of tampering, if any. A title document with misspellings or one that looks like it has been altered could be a sign of trickery.

Choosing a reputed website for buying a used car can also help you defend yourself against car scams and frauds.

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Marketing The Myth Of The Off-Road Vehicle

Selling cars successfully is a mixture of psychology and pricing. Promotional campaigns are aimed at population segments that may consider themselves sophisticated city dwellers, rugged outdoor enthusiasts, or even forward-looking environmentalists. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the sales of sports utility vehicles, which are sometimes advertised as being perfect for exuberant off-road adventures in the rocks and mud.

When they first appeared during the 1990s, these models were seen as a refreshing change from the boxy, uninteresting station wagons that had previously been the most practical choice for many families. Even though there were some design flaws and safety issues, they projected an image of rugged competence, and greatly appealed to people who wanted to escape the uninteresting, bland appearance of many smaller cars.

There is no question that a four-wheel-drive vehicle performs comparatively better off-pavement in conditions where a standard, or two-wheel drive car might flounder. To be truly suited to these driving environments, however, most vehicles must still be modified for better ground clearance and traction. Consumer-grade all-wheel driven vehicles often get stuck if taken off the pavement for more than a short distance, and are actually more suited for trips to the grocery store.

Even vehicles that feature such obvious sports extras as fording snorkels may experience electrical problems if they come into serious contact with water. During winter, snowy conditions may be easier to handle in an SUV, but many people erroneously assume that their vehicle will effortlessly power through the drifts unassisted. In reality, a standard transmission car equipped with snow tires handles better than a sports utility vehicle still wearing all-season radials.

Claims that all-wheel driven vehicles offer superior handling are hard to measure objectively, and most drivers do not notice an obvious difference. What does become readily apparent is decreased gas mileage, on top of a higher initial purchase price for four-wheel drive systems. This equipment may cost several thousand dollars extra in maintenance over the average life of the vehicle, and insurance pricing is also affected.

In spite of this reality, sports utility vehicles remain immensely popular, and the concept continues to evolve. While the benefits of owning an all wheel drive vehicle in the city may be limited, that has not stopped people from buying them, even though 95% will never be taken off-road. Image has proven to be as important as actual mileage figures or extra costs, and is the real force behind the spectacularly successful SUV phenomenon.

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The King of All Electric Vehicles Made Its Debut

Oxford-based Liberty Electric Cars have proudly announced that their Electric E-Range, world's first pure electric 4×4 has finally made its debut and that production versions of its electric Range Rover will go on sale at the end of this year.

If we look at the technical data we can see that Electric E-Range has a top speed of 85mph and accelerates from 0-60mph in about seven seconds, with a range of up to 200 miles on one charge.

This electric vehicle will also introduce so called "wireless charging" which means that instead of using conventional leads and plugs, the car is parked over an induction plate and charges automatically.

Liberty has also announced that battery can be charged in one to three hours from a fast charger or using the optional induction system. They were also very proud that at 75kw, the LEC battery pack is the largest ever installed in an electric car yet, but thanks to its advanced technology, weighs less than many lower capacity packs used in other electric vehicles.

Lifespan of the battery is by many regarded as one of the major drawbacks of electric cars, but that shouldn't be an issue with Electric E-Range because Liberty claims that this electric car has lifespan for the battery of more than 13 years and 300,000 miles, a significantly larger number than any other electric vehicle.

Of course such technologically advanced electric car comes with the hefty price tag of around £ 150,000 ($ 225,000). But on the other hand you get to have all the power, luxury and prestige that comes with the Range Rover without doing damage to environment.

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Used Recreational Vehicles For Sale – 5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying One Now

Everywhere you look you will find used recreational vehicles up for sale, but paradoxically, it's probably not a good time to sell a used RV motor home unless it has been sitting idle and unused for the past year or two. On the contrary, now is a very good time to buy a used RV.

Here are five good reasons why you should find a suitable (for you) used Recreational Vehicle for sale and buy it!

1) Prices are rock bottom. A result of real or perceived or even anticipated financial hardship as a result of the current world economic woes, people are trying to offload RV's at any price. Although this is obviously unavoidable for some who have borne the full brunt of the economic meltdown, many people who sell now will lose money.

2) Fuel prices are coming down as a consequence of lowered worldwide demand. That means that taking your holiday in an RV is becoming cheaper by the day.

3). A holiday or weekend away where your only costs over and above those of your everyday expenses are fuel and perhaps an RV or campsite fee is indeed a cheap alternative.

4) .Taking a trip with an RV requires teamwork. Whatever size the family, everyone gets to chip in and shoulder some responsibility – a great life lesson for youngsters and sometimes just what a family needs to pull them through the tough times.

5) If the chips are really down, then an RV gives you mobility, shelter and a base to call home while you re-establish yourself.

So while a lot of RV owners are putting their vehicles up for sale, it might just be the ideal time to consider buying a used RV motor home – it's the ideal time to find a real bargain!

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Some Safety Precautions When Working on a Hybrid Vehicle

There are many benefits to owning a hybrid vehicle. Probably the best reason to purchase one of these vehicles is in order to keep the pain at the pump at a minimum. Did you know that there are some precautions to take if you plan on working on one of these vehicles yourself though? First of all, it is true that working on a standard gas-only consuming vehicle is very much the same to working on a hybrid, but you should keep in mind that the battery voltage is much higher.

While each hybrid vehicle is different, each operates under the same principals. It has an internal-combustion engine like all other vehicles, but as a back up power supply, it possesses an electric motor as well. When it comes to working on hybrids, you should know that you are in for something completely different. These vehicles possess more computers and sensors, not to mention they pack a lot of power.

These hybrid vehicles feature high powered battery packs located at the back of the cars which can produce 200 to 275 volts of electricity at up to 80 amps. Honda hybrids produce 144 volts. Keep in mind that 50 volts is enough to kill some people. If someone has only had experience working on non-hybrid vehicles, they could easily make a mistake that could electrocute them pretty badly, even leading to death.

Therefore, if you work on cars and are thinking about working on your own hybrid, keep this in mind. Before you work on your new hybrid car, make sure you have read the manual. Reading a licensed repair manual, such as those prepared by Chilton or Haines would be a good idea as well. If you are a novice at car repair, you may want to leave it to the professionals. One of the best precautions to take though is to make sure that your vehicle is completely powered down before you attempt to work on it. Make sure that you have removed the keys from the ignition, as the vehicle will start the engine if the battery needs charging.

Some hybrid vehicles have already taken this potential danger into consideration. For example, Toyota has made all of the high voltage cables in their hybrid vehicles bright orange. This will be a big help in preventing you from making any spur of the moment mistakes. Also, in their Prius model, they have made it so that when the car is powered off, no power is running through these cables. Another precaution that has been taken in this car is the service plug located on the battery. When this plug is removed from the battery, no energy is able to leave it.

If you are the proud owner of a hybrid vehicle, there is no reason to get paranoid about working on your vehicle. It still remains a very safe endeavor, just as long as you are aware of the added danger and take the proper precautions in order to prevent it.

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Brake Discs Used On Commercial Vehicles

There is a big difference between the lifespan of commercial vehicle brake discs and passenger driven vehicle brake discs. Commercial vehicles spend a lot more time on the road and often carry heavier loads. Braking in this case, will be more intense and, often, brake repairs are frequent.

The specifications of the brake discs that need to be used on commercial vehicles have to be met to the point. These specifications include:

  • Reduced wear and judder – materials used in the rotors have to be stronger and resistant to wear, heat and friction. You might wonder why these parts are not installed on passenger or light weight vehicles. The reason is that they are bigger and much heavier than standard models of brake discs. Reduced wear and judder is also successful because of its impeccably low tolerance level.
  • Withstands heat – the specialized materials used to manufacture these parts are technologically advanced. They can disperse heat caused by friction easier and more uniformly. Uniform dispersion also prevents the surface and shape from deforming and cracking under the high pressures.
  • Works well under force – some commercial vehicles carry extremely heavy loads. Braking has to be enhanced because the momentum is much higher which it makes it more difficult to stop. The brake discs need to be strong enough to slow the vehicle down without cracking or breaking under the intense weight.
  • Uniform wear – uneven wear is often caused by another component that is also uneven. It can also be caused by overloading the car. There are standard weights that the car can handle and anything over this limit could influence engine overload and uneven brake disc wear. The discs can always be skimmed but skimming could decrease the quality of the material and function.

Spotting problematic discs is easy and quick to notice. Here is a list of the different problems and what they look like:

  • Blue discs – under high temperatures, the disc will become blue. Extremely high temperatures are caused by heavy stopping and constant use of the brakes. The calliper should also be checked in case the problem lies there.
  • Heat Checking – under intense pressure, heat and cold create a pattern that resembles stretch marks. These appear when rapid cooling occurs.
  • Cracks and Spots – these look patchy and uneven. They are caused by excessive heating. This can be avoided if you apply your brakes correctly without sudden stopping.

Brake discs need to be checked regularly in order to maintain safe braking. Commercial vehicles need to be maintained because of the pressure they experience. Plus the time spent on the road could decrease the quality of many components and engine parts.

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Roadshow Vehicles Includes The Mobile Influence In Advertising

Advertising is used to subsidize most of the services that we receive. The press, most online services, and entertainment, are all supported by advertising, yet consumers hate it. Television networks, newspapers and magazines are all subsidized by advertising, and almost all the social networks are including advertising revenue as their main source of income generation.

The world as we know it has entered in a new area where people are more likely to be more connected while being on the move. With the technology available, you do not need to remain in a static location to achieve anything. You can now complete any task while being on the move.

Roadshow vehicles carry messages to locations where they will be better received. They can be extremely versatile and can deliver messages in a variety of ways. They combine some of the most successful forms of advertising in what appears to be the most popular convergence of transportation and communications.

Most roadshow vehicles are customized trucks with large bodies to allow posting of various forms of advertisements. The dedicated units will also have additional features such as external audio and video presentations, lighting features, and products for sampling.

With the ability to demonstrate a real product to real people, the mode of mobile advertising can increase credibility, while increasing exposure. The vehicles can be configured so that they attract the most attention.

One of the difficulties that advertisers face is attracting views to a particular campaign. In the online world, the concept of vitality, can add to an increased amount of exposure as the location of the advertisement is shared with others. In the off-line world, it may as not be as easy to accomplish, but roadshow vehicles can actually move the advertisement to different locations.

There are several options that can be included in this form of advertisement that will improve its effectiveness. If your product, business or services is focused on a local region, it becomes much more cost effective to focus your advertising resources in that particular region, and these vehicles can be driven to any location in the region. You can easily and cost-effectively increase brand awareness, and name-recognition in your city. Most importantly, with a more regional focus on your campaign, you will undoubtedly realize increased traffic to your website or business, and a corresponding increase in sales conversions.

Your audience is captive, and it is difficult to destroy or ignore your ad, they cannot help but notice it ad blindness is reduced. To be effective, advertising should be relevant and displaying your advertisement where targeted customers will see it in appropriate times and spaces and in the right context can make it even more effective. Not only can you campaigns be mobile, they can sometimes be customized to run at particular periods and with specific features such as the inclusion of audio and video features and advanced lighting.

Campaigns can be totally flexible to cater to your audience as is necessary. Users can appear to appreciate the manner in which colorful and eye catching ads are displayed with the least amount of intrusion.

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Electric Vehicles

Are we ready for "Electric Vehicles and lithium ion batteries" Tired of swiping your debit card or even worse your credit card into the machine to pump fuel? Tired of dishing out your hard earned cash to the oil companies.

Ever thought that there has to be a better way?

The future will bring about change. Is America ready for a change? The answer as it stands right now is "maybe?" The reality is that we are slowly moving toward better and efficient vehicles. Grasping new driving concepts like the "Hybrid Vehicles", or cleaner burning diesel engines. These new concepts are beginning to be accepted and are more common place as we see them driving on our streets and highways. As we move into the next decade will consumers start to entertain further thoughts of what new found technology will bring? Will they look into electric vehicles that may require a totally different concept?

The reality is not really. Consumers will not be ready to jump into something radically new. We have all seen those "futuristic vehicles" that look like they are ready to fly us away to distance galaxies. However we are not ready to run right out and by one or place our families into something like that. What we are ready for is making the jump into something that looks and feels normal. We all want to adapt to a lighter environmental impact on fuel emissions and want better fuel economy. However breaking in new technology requires sizable funding for research and develop and proper advertisement.

There are many advantages of owning an electric vehicle over a combustion engine.

Electricity is far cheaper then fuel. Projections state that you will pay @ $ 1.00 in electricity to every $ 4.00 in gasoline.

The second factor is that you wont create any pollution no more harmful emissions.

You wont have to maintain the engine as you would a combustion engine.

No need for oil changes, or emission checks.

Convenience of being able to refuel at home.

One final point is that you will never have to go to a gas station again.

An electric vehicle or "EV" is powered by an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. The EV, gets its power from a controller, which regulates the amount of power. The more you press on the accelerator the more power comes from thecontroller.

The electric vehicle uses power stored in its rechargeable batteries. The batteries are charged by ordinary electricity. New advancement in batteries such as the "lithium ion batteries give the must efficiency and last the longest. Projections are now given that some of these newer vehicles maybeable to run run as far as 125 miles or better.

There are many automobile makers now that are developing the new "EV's"

Telsa motors has developed a car named the "Telsa Roadster" the manufacturer states that this vehicle can do 0 – 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Very impressive !!!!

General Motors is due to bring out the new "Volt" sometime in 2010.

Mitsubishi is due to bring out its new "i-MiEV" release will be in Japan.

Subaru will release the new "Stella" EV sometime in late 2009 or early 2010.

Ford Motor company is coming out with several new models.

China has plans to sell "plug-in-electric-cars" in the United States Market as early as next year. The vehicle will be called the "EV" named "E6" will be a five passenger car that can be fully charged in seven to ten hours when plugged into a 110 volt plug.

There website also says that there will be four different types of motors available. With an upgrade of utilizing two electric motors for more power and better accelerations.

Investors and governments will have to evaluate and consider carefully all the new and alternative types of fuels.

New forms of info structures will have to be developed. New ways to approach driving. Will we be prepared to drive a vehicle around for a day then park it in the garage and recharge it overnight? Most people drive there vehicles back and forth to work with an occasional errand after work. In reality they may drive less then 50 miles, so the concept of an electric vehicle will work. Traveling further distances or cross country will require sweeping changes as will need to design new and proper ways for refueling.

Lastly the twenty first century will be remembered as a turning point in the new era of different types of vehicles.

As battery technologies improves proportionality with advancements of different composites we will soon be seeing more useful and electrifying electric vehicles are you ready for it?

Keep "Thinking Green" my friends.

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Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Equate to 'Big Brother?'

When people ask about my business, I tell them, "My company offers GPS vehicle tracking systems." Their response lets me know whether they are an employee or a business owner.

The first words out of the mouth of an employee is: "Sounds like 'Big Brother' to me." Oh no, not 'Big Brother!' Visions of mind-controlled drones working like slaves come to mind and they quickly walk away.

'Big Brother?' What is wrong with a business monitoring their vehicles? Or making sure their employees are doing what they're being paid to do? Who owns these vehicles, anyway? Does the owner have a right to know how they're being used?

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe employees should be trusted and treated as adults. But, if you've ever driven a rental vehicle differently than the car you own, then you understand how an employee may mistreat a company vehicle.

Take the speeding employee, for example. Employees who drive too fast waste your gasoline, wear out your vehicle prematurely and sooner or later, drive up your insurance rates.

A GPS vehicle tracking system can alert you when someone exceeds your pre-set speed limit. It's your vehicle, your fuel and your insurance premium; a tracking system helps you regain control of them.

Who uses your vehicles after hours and on weekends? Is an employee using your vehicle to moonlight? Is he using your gas to move his brother-in-law into a new apartment? You'll know if you install a GPS vehicle tracking device in your vehicles.

How do you verify overtime claims? Maybe you can verify the work was done, but when? With a GPS tracking system, you can cross-check a vehicle's location with the time of day it was there.

Have you ever been tempted to take an extended lunch hour? Think your employees might be tempted, especially if they're out of the boss's sight? A GPS tracking system records how long each vehicle remains at one location; use it to keep them honest.

Another benefit of GPS vehicle tracking systems: You'll never make another phone call to find out where your employees are – you can just look on the map displayed on your computer screen. Also, your GPS tracking system will remind you when it's time to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance. And, many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles protected with GPS tracking systems.

The employee also benefits when their company vehicle is equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system.

  1. Hand-written driver logs are replaced with data from the tracking system.
  2. Using info from the gps tracking system, each employee's productivity can be quantified and compared; an employee's performance can be more objectively measured.
  3. Your dispatcher can look on a computer screen and locate all your vehicles immediately.

Customers also benefit from GPS vehicle tracking systems. Businesses can provide precise arrival or delivery estimates, because the estimate is based upon the actual location of the tracking device-equipped vehicle at the moment they call. If a customer questions when your employee arrived or left –prove it to them using data from your tracking system.

Still think GPS tracking systems are tools of 'Big Brother?' I guess it depends upon your point of view.

The concept of 'Big Brother' never comes up with business owners. The business owner will say: "How will tracking my vehicles help my business make more money?" They want to know what GPS vehicle tracking can do for them.

Are GPS vehicle tracking systems 'Big Brother?' – You tell me.

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