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<p>Developer Ustwo has shared the first screenshot of its promised update for Monument Valley, over on Twitter.</p><p>Executive producer Dan Gray says the level pack - which will be available as an in-app purchase inside the game - will include almost as much content as Monument Valley itself.</p><p>But the studio elected to launch the pack as an update rather than a full-blown sequel because it's new content for the original Monument Valley, rather than a radical evolutionary step from the first game.</p><p>But that's not to say that there's nothing new in this update, as each level should include a twist on the formula. One stage I played featured a nifty, mind-warping visual trick where the game could work even if you flipped the iPad upside down.</p><p>Ustwo will launch the update before the year is out. The studio is simultaneously working on these stages and VR game Land's End, but previously said the new game "in no way compromises those new [Monument Valley] levels we promised".</p>.

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