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<p>Some of you might have heard the name Reed before. Why? Because it's been out on iOS and Android for a little while, but this is all about its sequel, Reed 2. It's coming to iOS December 12th and if you just can't wait for it, you can pre-order it on the App Store for £2.99/$2.99 now.<p>Reed 2 is now available for Pre-Order on iOS devices! ???? in December! #pixelart #gamedev @PXLink— Crescent Moon Games ?? (@CM_Games) November 26, 2018 Like its predecessor, Reed 2 continues off with the same adorable cat-like creature made by a super computer. Besides striking visuals, it's the simple-but-effective level design and challenging combat that always made Reed so endearing.</p><p>When we reviewed the original earlier this year we gave it a Silver Award, saying: "It will make you swear, it will make you scream, but it'll also make you punch the air in joyous revery when you succeed. And sometimes, quite frankly, that's all you want from a mobile game."</p><p>Though we don't know much about this sequel's story, we do know it'll offer up more complex and varied gameplay than before. Thankfully, it'll still have the same cute characters and plenty more secrets to discover too.</p>.

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