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<p>Double Fine’s indie studio, Double Fine Presents, has unveiled its next new game, KIDS. It’s an artsy, minimalistic adventure that could prove quite interesting given the team’s past work on games like GNOG.</p><p>KIDS, which is being developed in partnership with Playables, focuses on crowd psychology. As Double Fine describes it, it’s an interactive animation of sorts with gameplay elements lasting 20 - 30 minutes.</p><p><p>Double Fine Presents: KIDS, a game about the psychology of crowds from @playabls — the creators of Plug &amp; Play — coming to iOS, Android, Pc and Mac later this year!— Double Fine (@DoubleFine) May 22, 2018 Double Fine Presents revealed a quick teaser today that shows crowds moving about in whirls and lines, and even falling into bottomless pits. If we had to posit a guess, we’d think that the player can manipulate these crowds using touch controls to see how the figures will react.</p><p>KIDS is actually part of a larger art exhibition that debuted at the Museum of Digital Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. The exhibit featured a digital projection that looks quite similar to the upcoming game, as well as interactive puppets and an in-depth digital presentation on the exhibition’s production process.</p><p>KIDS will be launching sometime later this year on iOS and Android.</p>.

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