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<p>For some ungodly reason, ex-pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has, well, wrestled his way into Crazy Taxi: City Rush the latest free update.</p><p>I know this may seem incredulous, but believe me, it's true.</p><p>So, as of today, and for the entirety of October, there's a Hulkamania Takeover happening inside City Rush.</p><p>This means that, yes, Hulk Hogan - that is, his "voice, likeness, and signature attitude" - can be hired as a driver once you reach level four. Naturally, he comes with a variety of costumes.</p><p>When playing as Hulk Hogan, you get a Hulkameter that indicates how far away you are from unlocking the wrestler's unique car customisations, each of which add ride bonuses.</p><p>On top of that, you can win a signed Hulk Hogan Crazy Taxi: City Rush model taxi (and a bunch of other stuff).</p><p>To do that, you need to use Kamcord to record your "craziest Hulk Hogan-driven rides" and share them on Twitter with the #CrazyTaxiHulk hashtag.</p><p>You can download Crazy Taxi: City Rush for free on the App Store.</p>.

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